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Energy Casino Welcome Offer

New players are always welcome, and Energy Casino prepared some great promos for them. If Energy Casino is your online gambling choice then a £7 free chip will be yours as soon as Energy Casino receives your sign-up request and you enter SLOTSMAX into the bonus code field. In return, Energy Casino will ask for no deposit. When you make one, Energy Casino will give you an additional 100% on top of your first deposit, too.

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Whether you want to play a video slot with Medieval theme, or you want a game which involves supercool features and could pay you up to 10000x , this 5-reeler is your thing. Its advanced design will take you into the world of fantasy, which so many Energy Casino players love to visit, mostly because £20000 is hiding behind one of its 20 paylines.

Among its key advantages, Knights Quest game boasts a £20000 max cash prize, a bonus and free spins. This Energy Casino slot is also attractive for its regular multipliers, various playing options and the £0.02 minimum line bet.

Knights Quest Characteristics

If you’re among those who love fantasy-themed slots, great! Knights Quest’s just the thing. But even if not, this Novomatic slot’s 20 paylines have a lot to offer. Just read on!

You see, it’s such a treat to play Knights Quest when you can enjoy all the action of its 13 symbols, numerous free spins, bonus rounds, 20 paylines, as well as playful scatters and useful wilds and beautifully designed reels.

Instead of a jackpot, Novomatic made Knight the top paying symbol which could give 10000x line bet in a blink. The help of the 95% return to player may just make those 5 reels pay out this sum.

Having fun with Knights Quest is easy. Just find a venue with Novomatic slots and open an acccount – Energy Casino seems like a good choice. There’s a Energy Casino app that makes accessing Knights Quest easy through your mobile. And with Energy Casino new player bonus of £200, you’re bound to have fun with Knights Quest for much, much longer. Use the SLOTSMAX bonus code and start spinning.

Knights Quest’s Story

Taking a single look at Knights Quest reveals that this videoslot , introduced in 2012, has a lot to offer. Made by Novomatic Knights Quest is a smooth running slot thanks to Novomatic’s regular updates.

The Way Knights Quest Works

Knights Quest features the following playing rules:

  • The minimum number of symbols for one of Knights Quest’s winning combinations is 3
  • All prizes are paid left to right, except for scatter prizes
  • Activate up to 20 win lines; pays are made only for wins on active lines
  • Single payout per line is made, always for top wins
  • Wilds enable additional wins by replacing symbols other than scatters
  • Scatters pay at any position on Knights Quest’s reels
  • 15 retriggerable free spins can be won
  • Minimum bet of £0.02 coins per spin is required
  • In case a malfunction occurs, all prizes and plays will be proclaimed void.

Let’s Play Knights Quest

To win in Knights Quest, you’ll need at least 3 connecting symbols on one of the 20 paylines, which pay left to right. In this article, you’ll find details about Knights Quest, how to play this well-known video slot, and exploit its entire potential.

If you want to give Knights Quest a shot, you need to decide where. Energy Casino may be a good option with its 100% welcome bonus that awards up to £200 on your first deposit if you enter SLOTSMAX in the bonus code field on Energy Casino.

If you are thinking about trying Knights Quest, don’t forget up to £20000 rewards that are awaiting real-money players. This Novomatic game can be found at Energy Casino casino available online in desktop and mobile version.

This Novomatic slot can be played without download .

Players gladly play games offering various choices. Knights Quest is attractive as you can choose your bet Bet sizeare selected by value switches. There’s also the Start button that puts the reels in motion. 3 matching symbols ensure prizes, however look for 5 such symbols on one of the 20 paylines to cash in big amounts.

5 alike symbols on the reels of Knights Quest bring prizes. To win, you should activate 20 paylines. By means of yes button, you can easily adjust them. For more excitement, press Turbo button.

The following are some simple steps that playing Knights Quest requires:

  • First and foremost, you may need to pick your active paylines.

There are 20 paylines in this Energy Casino hosted slot. You can reduce them to 1, but keep in mind that 10000x line bet will become yours much faster if Knights Quest’s played on all of them. Tip: keep the 20 paylines active when spinning on those 5 reels.

The winnings are paid from left to right in this genuine Novomatic release, enabling you to get prizes even though you may think the opposite – that Knights Quest pays bad just because it has 20 paylines. Well, the truth is that this video title turns out to be quite generous.

  • Now, the next step is toward your preferred credit size.

Usually, you’d need to pick your Knights Quest coin value to enjoy this genuine Novomatic release, but with this video slot, things are simpler – it’s already fixed to £ for every coin.

So, don’t worry about the coin size, Novomatic has set the £ coin value as the norm. Thus, in Knights Quest slot, your task is only to choose 20 paylines or less before starting the game. This fantasy -themed slot offers some impressive rewards including the well-known 10000x line bet multiplier.

  • Upon picking your preferred credit amount, move to the line bet selection.

When playing this Novomatic online game, remember that the number of 1 coins per payline cannot be changed.

Prizes are even closer if you play Knights Quest with real money and all 20 paylines active. Of course, you can play with only 1 lines, but this decreases your winning chances. Novomatic’s special button ensures easy adjustments.

Thanks to this possibility, this timeless Novomatic slot offers a wide range of line bets, from 0.02£ to 2£. What this clearly implies is that Knights Quest was primarily made for low-rollers and mid-rollers.

  • Just like in so many other Novomatic slots, motivate the reels to spin using Start button.

Now, its 5 reels start revolving on selected bet. Knights Quest’s standard characteristics include auto play option. Up to spins can be initiated by a click.

  • Before moving on to playing this Novomatic release, you might be interested in two more toggles used to set Knights Quest’s volume and full screen.

Choosing the full-screen option provided by Novomatic guarantees total immersion into the Knights Quest game with no distractions whatsoever.

Speaking of Knights Quest’s volume button, it can be used to mute this video slot while its reels are spinning.

Keeping the volume on or off are the only options in Knights Quest – no amplifier included. That’s perhaps something Novomatic could improve in future.

Knight, Princess and other Knights Quest characters

The 13 symbols you’ll receive prizes from on those 20 paylines include:

  • The highest paying Knight symbol
  • Princess
  • Horse
  • Ace, King
  • Queen, Jack
  • And of course, there’s 10, 9 which pays the least.

There are special symbols, too, including:

  • The scatter symbol: Bonus Scroll
  • Bonus Scroll bonus symbol
  • Bonus Scroll freespins symbol
  • The wild symbol: Jester
  • and finally the Dragon symbol

The highest paying, a sort of a jackpot symbol if you will, is Knight. Seeing Knight 5 times on any of the 20 paylines will bring you a 10000xtimes your stake. At a bet level of on all 20 lines, 5 Knight symbols will win you 10000x your stake – or coins.

You’ll easily recognize the Knights Quest’s highest paying symbol:

play Knights Quest for real money

The second most rewarding symbol is Princess. It augments your active line bet by 2000. The minimal stake of £0.02 may return you a nice amount if 5 of those symbols stop on the reels. However, £2 max bet per line leads to even 4000 £ worth prizes. Finally, this intricately designed slot contains another strong symbol – Horse as the third strongest tile. You need 5 of these on an active payline to get 500x line bet which translates into as much as £1000 on the highest stake of £2. Yet again, even minimal bets of £0.02 per line may activate the Knights Quest multiplier and bring some fine prizes.

Knights Quest’s other symbols are Ace, King – which pays a maximum of 200 multiplied with your line stake and Queen, Jack, whose top prize is 150x bet per line; but also the 10, 9, whose modest top prize of 100 may not have the ‘wow’ factor like Knight, but appears more frequently in Knights Quest than any of the others.

A great thing about Knights Quest is that its Jester symbol can be combined with the Bonus Scroll scatter to create a winning line combination. Alone, Bonus Scroll symbol may increase the line stake times.

More thrill is brought by other feature symbols, such as the generous Bonus Scroll icon, which starts a round of free spins, or the Bonus Scroll symbol, whose bonus round brings additional money to your account.

How Knights Quest’s winlines work

Knights Quest is a video slot that features 5 reels and 20 bet lines.

Paylines stretch across the 5 reels of this popular slot and define the Knights Quest rewarding combinations. They can be easily activated or deactivated by clicking the visibly displayed payline button.

play Knights Quest online

How to Make the Most Out of Knights Quest’s Payline System?

  • Knights Quest’s active bet lines pay left to right.
  • The smallest number of matching Knights Quest symbols for a prize is 3. They need to appear along one of the 20 lines.
  • The wild symbol replaces all of the 13 regular symbols to form additional winners.
  • The slot’s scatter symbol pays from any position.
  • The highest line win pays only. If you hit two wins, Knights Quest’s paylines will register only the higher of the two.
  • Activate all 20 bet lines, because you won’t get winnings from Knights Quest if they appear on inactive paylines.

Reels Overview

Let’s be honest, everybody loves old school. And Knights Quest is just that. It has 5 reels that go in downward direction. Standard, classic, reliable. You just know that video slot is like an old faithful friend, you can always depend on it to put a big smile on your face!

Playing a video slot like Knights Quest is great because of its 13 symbols. Included in those is the Jester symbol and the Bonus Scroll tile. Finally, this Novomatic title involves a special Dragon icon that results in significant bankroll boosters.

Fixed Jackpot – Learn All the Facts

It’s not so uncommon for video slots not to have a jackpot. Knights Quest may not have one, but its Knight pays a huge line bet multiplier of 10000x. This means you can win up to £20000 in cash for a maximum cash bet and with the maximum bet the maximum coins.

Tips on the Progressive Jackpot

Sadly, Knights Quest has no progressive jackpot, which is not necessarily a bad thing – your Energy Casino account can still be boosted courtesy of the 10000x line bet multiplier. Moreover, some casinos may include Knights Quest in their progressive jackpot pool in near future.

Could Video Slots be Compared to Classic Slots?

If you like video slots, don’t miss Knights Quest. After so many great slots, Novomatic managed to create another one – this 20 lines title is now part of many casinos’ offer. Energy Casino players may look forward to features and payouts.

Will I Enjoy Any 3D Effects while Playing Knights Quest Online?

No 3D graphic for this video slot. Though, when you think about it, you don’t really need all those bells and whistles. All you need is 5 reels and a bigger wallet to fit potential winnings!

Must I Download Knights Quest?

Energy Casino is all about easily accessible gaming, so they let you play Knights Quest, among many other titles that Novomatic prepared, directly on thier website instead of going through the tedious downloading process.

Guide to Using Knights Quest’s Control Panel

Let’s now focus on this 5-reeler’s toggles.

What Happens When I Press Start

To spin the reels in Knights Quest and any other online Energy Casino slot, just press a button. While it’s often called Spin, Start or Play, in Knights Quest it’s named Start, and its role is to start those 5 reels in motion, so they can bring you coins or some other lucrative Knights Quest prize. This slot features other useful buttons that Novomatic decided to include:

Playing Knights Quest in Turbo Mode

For those of us who’d like Knights Quest’s prizes instantly, Turbo button is the thing. Novomatic provided this button to make those 5 reels spin faster. Press this Knights Quest button to activate it, and disengage it by clicking on it again.

Knights Quest’s Information Button

If you seek more in-depth information about Knights Quest and its characteristics, use the Info tab Novomatic installed to keep you informed. It’s situated on Knights Quest’s dashboard and contains its paytable, rules and other details Novomatic thought would be of use while playing Knights Quest.


There’s no doubt that Autoplay is a useful feature. We could even say, essential. It lets us sit back and enjoy our favourite Medieval and other kinds of slots without clicking on Start-related every single time. The reels will stop after the preset number of spins or when a feature is activated. However, it’s not present in every slot out there. Fortunately, Knights Quest has Autospin, which means starting those 5 reels to spin numerous times takes a click. Novomatic set Autospin to stop on major wins, like 20000£, or on special features.

Generally speaking, Autoplay is a very useful Knights Quest option for those who like faster play.

Setting the Minimum Bet

Whether it was the splendid design or that drew you to Knights Quest, you should first find out the minimum amount you can bet with. When you have that information it will be easy to calculate how much you’ll pocket with the line bet multiplier of 10000x.

This particluar fantasy slot doesn’t have a Bet One tile, but you can set the £0.02 wager yourself.

If you don’t feel like having your wager on the high end, Novomatic has a option set out for you – a minimum bet per line of £0.02. This will place your total bet to £0.02. Not much, but it’s a start. And maybe after winning a couple of spins you will be confident enough to take it up a notch. But bear in mind that if you don’t play 20 paylines, the bet will be even less.

Catering to everybody’s needs, Novomatic incorporated a command that will decrease the number of lines to 1. So, you don’t have to bet on all 20 paylines, you can play small. That’s fine. But, why would you do that? It would only impair your odds of going home with amazing bonuses and special features.

What it Means to Bet the Maximum?

If you want to go big on this superbly designed slot, you should put all your wagers and values to the max. Only, you will notice that you have to do it manually since there is no single-click Max Bet option. If your preference is max bet, know that Novomatic failed to include a Max Bet toggle in Knights Quest. Still, prizes are well worth the bother. The simple math is: put maximum value of a coin at £ and maximum coin bet per line at 1. Multiply that by all 20 lines and you get a bet of . Then all you are left to do is to spin the 5 reels and simply watch closely as those 13 money making symbols do their dance!

RTP Rate for Knights Quest

If you’re planning on playing a 20 paylines slot, you should know its RTP – Return to Player. This is a value calculated with an algorithm that gives out the rate of payouts over time and shows it with a percent. For example, on average Knights Quest gives back to players £96 for every £100, which places its RTP at 96%.

It’s such a pity Novomatic didn’t instal more generosity into Knights Quest, as with an RTP rate of 95%, this otherwise decent game seems wasted.

Knights Quest’s Additional Bonus Symbols

Concerning its special features, Knights Quest involves both Jester and Bonus Scroll, a Wild and a Scatter, which are covered in the following sections. A cool thing about this video game is its Pick & Win Bonus but also a round of free spins. Knights Quest offers a very unique feature activated by Dragon which may end up giving you massive x line stake.

Scatter Symbol in Knights Quest

This 20-liner’s generosity relies on scatter, aka the Bonus Scroll symbol, which Novomatic made as a pay-any symbol that awards x your win. The fact that Knights Quest’s scatter also activates free spins and the Pick & Win Bonus round means Energy Casino players will get better payouts.

Here is a picture of the Scatter:

play Knights Quest for free

Jester Wild – Knights Quest’s Most Loved Symbol

When playing this video slot, you should really watch out for the Jester wild symbol because it could come in handy. This wild will function as a replacement for any symbol that’s missing in order to complete 5 matching symbols. Thusly, if you need one more, e.g. Horse to have a matching set and you get the wild tile, you will be rewarded the 500x of the bet you placed for that line.

win real cash on Knights Quest

The Jester wild symbol is represented with the symbol in the above picture.

Expanding Symbols in this 5-reeler

You should note that Knights Quest has no expanding wild symbol. Nevertheless, this 20 paylines game has other elements that are there to help you pocket some serious cash.

Are there any Stacked Wilds in this 20-liner?

You’ll see no stacked wild on these 5 reels, as Novomatic didn’t include it in its offering. Knights Quest, however, has other features worth your attention.

More than Just a Wild

The fact that Knights Quest’s reels feature no overlay wild doesn’t hurt this (payline)-liner’s attractiveness; its major prize, 10000x line bet is available in every spin.

How to Navigate Knights Quest Paytable

The paytable povides all neccessary information about what will the 13 get you. Click the yes to find out what symbols are represented in Knights Quest and how much they pay out. For this video slot when you have 3 same symbols. Most you can match is 5, that’s one per reel. Your biggest win will be if you manage to pull off 5 symbols that match. In Knights Quest, the regular symbol that pays the most is the Knight. You can see from the paytable that Knight will pay you as much as 10000x line bet, providing you get all 5. Princess is the second best when it comes to payout, it multiplies the bet line 2000 times, which is not too shabby. Horse is the third highest paying symbol that will bring you 500 times what you wagered. Knights Quest’s fourth highest paying tile is the Ace, King. So if you fill up a line with 5 of these tiles you will be winning a line bet multiplied by 200x. If you get the Queen, Jack symbol your line bet will be multiplied 150 times. You could argue that the most insignificant symbol of all is the 10, 9 which pays the least, but that doesn’t mean it is useless. In this video slot it will multiple the stake you have per line 100 times.

And that’s not all – Ace, King is also there to reward your investment 200 times more than your stake per line. Knights Quest’s decent payouts don’t stop there – out of 13 symbols, the lowest paying is 10, 9, which pays most frequently, and Novomatic gave even this symbol a desireable payout – 100x line stake for 5 of them lined up on one of the 20 lines. How cool’s that?

Knights Quest online free

Selecting the Bet Size for Knights Quest

Wondering how to set your Knights Quest bet? It’s easy, and Novomatic provided you with several ways to do it:

  • Setting the paylines number
  • Your stake will be as big as you want it to be
  • The cash sum bet on a line is up to you

It’s possible to play Knights Quest on a different number of lines. Activate 1 to 20 of winning lines, and adjust the game to your liking.

A speedy way to adjusts your stake in Knights Quest is the bet value. Starting from 1 and rising to a maximum level of 1, bet value easily changes your overall stake from to . Remember, the changes include all 20 lines.

What Value Does a Coin Carry?

Knights Quest gives you the option to allocate a certain money value to the coins you’re wagering. You can go as little as £, or you can decide to take it to the maximum of £.

Knights Quest’s Multiplier Feature

Winning is much sweeter with Knights Quest’s multiplier that could take your Energy Casino balance sky-high, even though Novomatic didn’t include a jackpot into this title.

This is the part where we explain Knights Quest and the Juggling Jester’s functioning. Namely, when it appears and Knights Quest’s paylines register a win, Knights Quest and the Juggling Jester will multiply your prize up to 250 times. Also, the lowest multiplier this video slot pays is 5x. Convenient, right? We love it, too, as this Knights Quest feature lets you win more and more!

Knights Quest Bonus Games, Multiplier Rounds, and Free Spins

Did Novomatic include any of these?

Pick & Win Bonus Bonus Feature Explained

Of course! There’s this very cool feature in Knights Quest’s offering – the Pick & Win Bonus feature which could change things if your Energy Casino balance’s running out of funds. Novomatic made its prizes very lucrative in general. Pick & Win Bonus is available thanks to the Bonus Scroll symbol, so keep an eye on this bonus tile.

How to Double Your Win in Knights Quest

An interesting option available in this video slot is the Gamble feature, which could increase your Energy Casino balance by doubling your winnings.

The Gamble round is not complicated at all: This 20 paylines slot will give you this option whenever you hit a winning combination. You don’t have to take this fantasy slot’s offer. First think about it, and if you decide to risk it, click on the Red button or on the Black button. This choice can make you or brake you, to don’t take it lightly.

Free Games

Two types of free spins are easy to mix up: those in Novomatic titles and those provided by casinos. Don’t mix them up, as video slots like Knights Quest offer them as special features, while casinos feature them as bonuses. Try not to mix up playing video slots in fun play mode with their free spins. Energy Casino won’t register any prizes you win in fun play, while winning Knights Quest’s 15 free spins could bring you quite an amount.

Fortunately, Knights Quest belongs to those video slots that involve free spins, which Novomatic in this case named Free Games. They promise to bring winning spree, as 15 of them are bound to payout decently.

The amount of free spins Novomatic included into this genuine Medieval slot is totally cool – there are 15 free spins up for grabs, along with

Design and Features

Here, Novomatic opted to produce this slot as a video one, giving the 13 symbols a vibrant feel. You’ll also find 20 paylines and some settings:

  • choose to play Knights Quest with real money
  • open the paytable
  • select the number of paylines
  • set bet size
  • start auto play
  • open Knights Quest in full screen
  • mute Knights Quest
  • spin in Turbo mode
  • risk Knights Quest winnings by picking either Black or Red option during the Gamble game
  • access Knights Quest’s info section

Play This Novomatic Titile for Real Money

Foreget about Knights Quest’s fun play version, cause it has atrocious design. Instead, play this video slot for real money – it has 10000x line bet multiplier, so you should focus on that.

Real Money Play Key Steps

Winning some of this Novomatic slot’s lucrative prizes is only possible with a Energy Casino real money account. Here’s how to open it:

  • Open Energy Casino’s website
  • Start the process by pressing the sign up button
  • Copy and paste this promotion code: SLOTSMAX to the designated field and grab some Energy Casino promo deals
  • Give all the necessary info
  • Deposit minimum £10 to play
  • Have a blast with Knights Quest and its great wins

How Can I Get My Winnings from Knights Quest?

If you take a Energy Casino bonus offer, like the new player bonus of 100%, you can count on the 50x playthrough requirements. You can’t withdraw your Knights Quest payouts without fulfilling those. As previously said, Energy Casino has withdrawal limitation policies, included in its T&Cs, not in Knights Quest’s Info section, which many players address for this info. Novomatic is not in charge of this, Energy Casino is.

Can I Practice Knights Quest Before Playing for Real Money?

This fantasy slot doesn’t have the demo version, so you will have to play for cash. Consinderig the £20000 that you stand to win, who needs the demo?

Is Playing Knights Quest With Energy Casino Money and Winning Real Cash an Option?

What the Chances of Getting a No Deposit Bonus?

When it comes to Energy Casino’s no deposit bonus, its amount of £7 will enable you to play this Novomatic title free of charge. Spin those 5 for quite a while after opening a Energy Casino account and activating the bonus. The free chip will even let you cash out Knights Quest winnings after you meet the x playthrough requirement. Also, you cannot withdraw the £7 chip – it’s only there to help you win.

Play Knights Quest On Mobile

Yes, winning up to £20000 on your mobile is possible thanks to Energy Casino’s cool app for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry users, that provides the familiar Novomatic qualities on the go. Enjoy this video title in the smaller version of Energy Casino, which keeps the slot’s distinctive features, including the 95% RTP rate. Download it within seconds and those 20 lines could reward you big time.

One of the things why Energy Casino casino is one of the best is because it has an app supported by iOS. So you can play this contemporary slot game on your iPhone and iPad, along with other Novomatic titles, just by downloading the app from iTunes.

Energy Casino casino has an Android optimized app for playing this fantasy themed title. You can download it from the Google Play store and watch the 13 regular symbols spin on your Android mobile device.

It’s easy to access Knights Quest on your Windows Phone or Blackberry even without a Energy Casino app. Just open your mobile browser, search for Energy Casino and open Knights Quest on it.

Please note that Energy Casino casino has a free app, so when you want to play this fantasy themed slot, be careful where you download it from.

Mobile App Bonus for Novomatic Slots

It’s really weird to have a mobile casino but not offer mobile bonuses. Energy Casino does that, despite the fact that the competition in the mobile slot market is growing. Leaving Novomatic games’ fans without an incentive is not a good idea, and Energy Casino should really consider providing some to its mobile punters, who could use it to spin Knights Quest or some other Novomatic titles for longer.

The Max Prize Knights Quest Can Award

When it comes to winning, this could pay you a maximum of £20000. Its best paying symbol is Knight and 5 of them on one of the slot’s 20 lines brings a line stake multiplier of 10000x. For additional info, address Knights Quest’s paytable by pressing the yes button.

Is there a strategy to winning in Knights Quest?

It’s always good to have a plan, even when playing Novomatic games. A plan may not help you win much more, though, but rather avoid losing more than you planned. Don’t be fooled by numerous strategies for slots that promise better winnings – all wins in Knights Quest and every other slot are randomly determined, so you can’t influence that.

Sometimes the higher the denomination you bet in this video title, the better your winning odds. However, wager lower and you may save money while playing Novomatic slots.
That said – you gotta find a system that works for you. Define your playing style, and play along – at the end of the day you’ll end up having more fun that way.

Also, get thoroughly acquainted with the Knights Quest game rules and count them in, along with the limitations of Energy Casino bonuses you want to collect. This may help you avoid any disappointments when arriving at the cashier after you’re done with spinning those 5 reels.

And perhaps most importantly, always keep in mind that Knights Quest’s just a game, and that its primary function is to provide fun. So, don’t expect too much, but rather enjoy the authentic fantasy theme.

About Novomatic:

  • Established: 1980
  • Founder: Johann F. Graf
  • Headquarters: Wienerstrasse 158 Gumpoldskirchen, 2352 Austria
  • Website:
  • Specialties: State-of-the-art Electronic Gaming Equipment, Online and Mobile Gaming, Gaming Operations, Lottery Solutions, Networked Technologies